by David A Llewellyn

Charlotte's camera 044“Is this story about potty-licks?” asked the little girl suspiciously.

“Po-li-tics,” said Grandad. “No, not so’s you’d notice. It’s about Walter and the people he meets.”

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The narrator tells the story of Walter Pendleton and his journey from humble beginnings to the nation’s capital and the Great Debate. And yes, it is about politics, but only a bit. Mostly it is tale of friendships and adventures.

As a quick aside: At some point during the formative years I came to the conclusion that there are only two reasons to vote Conservative – greed & stupidity. Over the years I have never had cause to alter this opinion.

“Walter Pendleton dreamt of greatness but, like most of us, he was not born to it. His parents were poor, dishonest folk who stole what little the family possessed. Does this surprise you? That thieves and swindlers should be poor? Walter’s parents stole because they were poor, although to be fair they were also lazy, uneducated and selfish.”

The tale is told by a fictional “Grandad”. Grandad sets his stories in a recognisable if somewhat different world: a world Grandad understands. “Grandad knew about electricity but not the two important bits: what it was and how to make it.”

The story is shaped by his granddaughter.

“Why aren’t there any girls?”…

“Well,” said Grandad, “there is a girl, but she doesn’t come in until later in the story.”

“If she doesn’t come into the story until later, Grandad, what is she doing right now?”

And the Great Debate:

“The Great Debate” said Grandad “was  a competition to see who should run the country and how it should be run. And people travelled from far and wide to enter the Great Debate. And even more came just to watch. This story is about someone who went to watch. His name is Walter.”Charlotte's camera 045